Trail to Transformation – Define Your Values

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

Last week we started on a journey of transformation. This blog series will lead you down a path towards personal change. If you are in a place that does not make you 100% happy – then follow me. We will walk along concepts to bring you to a better state of mental & physical health, and well-being.

Can you answer yes to one or more of these questions?

  1. You’ve worked yourself into a corner and cannot get out without someone or something suffering?
  2. Your current mental health is suffering and you’ve developed anxiety, panic attacks and/or starting to suffer from depression.
  3. You have become lost in the forest and cannot find your way back out.

Can you answer yes to more than one of these questions? If so, then let’s continue on our walk down the path of transformation.

The transformation trail will lead you to taking charge of your life because you want to gain your freedom back. The ultimate goal is to find your “one thing” or your bigger picture. The goal is to bring your life back into focus. Moving after the things you want most and letting go of negativity. Let’s link your life back to freedom of the weights holding you down. Let’s build your life back to meaning.

This journey is not for you if you:

  • Want to stay absent from your personal life
  • Want to continue down a self destructive path

Here’s this week’s trail prescription to better mental and physical health. This prescription is a lifelong
process to personal transformation. Your life should be traveling on a path to where you want to go with the help of defining your values. If you missed last week’s tips, click here. Grab your pack, here we go.

  1. Find Your True North

    1. In our backpack lies our compass that will always lead you to true north. Think about when your life feels completely aligned. Do you feel like you’ve ventured onto the right path and are making headway towards the top of the mountain? Follow those feelings, as they will support the things that are most essential to you. Deep down only you know what makes you happy. (Family, friends, travel, job, etc.)
  2. Find What Feels Good

    1. I have stolen this tag line from Yoga With Adriene. I love her yoga videos on YouTube and I like her because she’s real and honest. She is an incredible yoga instructor and says; “find what feels good” on all her videos. This concept can be used when defining your life values. Do and plan what feels good in your life. Make decisions that support your own personal self care.
  3. Take Action

    1. This is the time to write down your values. Place them on a post it note or the like so they can be seen often. READ THIS ARTICLE for an excellent “how to” find your one bigger picture or purpose. Focus on today.

“Think of it as a tree: values are our roots that keep us grounded in what’s important to us. The strength of the values determines the strength of the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit from year to year. A strong tree supports the ecosystem around it.”  By Anne Loehr

Remember to check in on those values daily and ask yourself if you are following what feels good to you.

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