Trail to Transformation – Be Creative and Curious

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

Congratulations, you have been on the path to transformation for a month. How do you feel? When you started on this transformational path we talked about your ‘one thing’ or your bigger picture. This week we focus on finding our creativity. We talked in the past about finding what feels good to you.

On our hike have you stopped at an overlook to contemplate what the last three weeks have taught you? (If you missed those weeks, you can find them here) I don’t know about you but this journey has been fun to write about and hope you are enjoying it, and taking action towards positive personal transformation. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to message me on how this process is going for you or leave comments at the end of the blog.

Can you answer yes to one or more of these questions?

  1. Are you lacking creative juice in your cup?
  2. Are driving to work with no recollection of how you got there?
  3. Stuck with writer’s block or in a rut with no help out?

If you answered yes to any or all of these let’s continue on our walk down the path of transformation.

The transformation trail will lead you to taking charge of your life because you want to gain your freedom back and to replenish your creative juices. The ultimate goal is to find your “one thing” or your bigger picture and to bring your life back into focus. We need to keep focusing on what’s ahead that we crave so badly.

This journey is not for you if you:

  1. Are super creative and don’t need improvement.
  2. Enjoy watching your dreams on the TV or movie screen.

Your trail prescription includes three way to better mental and physical health towards lifelong process to personal transformation. Your life should be traveling on a path to where you want to go. There is no rest for the weary, let’s get back on the trail and keep hiking.

1. Follow your gut

I have traveled to around 23 countries over my lifetime and have learned to listen to my gut religiously. Being a solo female traveler can have its benefits, but it can also be dangerous. I purposely did not put myself in harms way, but also know that shit happens. If ever I had a bad feeling about walking down a street or location, I would take the long way around for find an alternate route. I have learned to pay attention to my body and listen to my gut with daily life as well. If it doesn’t feel good, and I get that sick feeling in my stomach, I know that whatever decision I need to make make not work for me. Sometimes we have to make decisions we don’t want to, but at least we can listen to our body and mind and make conscious mindful choices.

2. Be Curious

There is so much out there to be curious about. Why are we afraid to try random things? Today is your day to be curious. Find a different route to work, or look behind the all the crap in your closet or garage that has been nagging at you. Want to know where this positive transformation trail leads? Stay with me for a few more weeks! Try to solve a mystery. When the last time you walked through a book store? Curiosity will keep your juices flowing. Seek out things to dance with your soul’s wisdom.

3. Invite creativity

Play. Pretend you are 7 again. Bring yourself back to your childhood where you had no worries. All you cared about was your crayons, paper, and maybe a tonka truck. Creativity is the heart and soul of life. Does fear prevent you from taking advantage of possibly opportunities? I recently watched a video with Temple Grandin and she states “If the door is open, walk through it.” Seems like a simple concept and is, but fear can keep us from moving forward through it.

Do whatever you can do to invoke your inner child. It’s OK to bring out your kids crayons while nobody is looking and color a photo. Actually it’s the all the new rage. It works to settle my clients with ADHD like magic. Once they sit down and start focusing in on the coloring of the photo, all become quiet and their demeanor lightens.

Personally, hiking brings out my inner creative. I tend to solve all my problems, and the world’s for that matter on a typically day outing in the wilderness. It’s the quiet, body movement, and forest bathing that works for me. That combination sets my wires right and all is good in the world.

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